I’m still thinking about a financial tweet I saw on New Year’s Eve.

It shows a screengrab from a TikTok picturing a young, smiling woman, whose username is cropped out. The superimposed text reads, “When the market falls at the same time you decide to invest, so you’re buying shares cheaper and can earn higher returns.”

It’s unclear to me whether the account that tweeted this was mocking her or not. Plenty of people in the replies were.

Others were defending her. And with good reason. While there is no shortage of laughable investing advice to be found on social media, thi…….


“Three things that helped: 1) Think about what percentage of your monthly income goes for rent and bills. Divide the rest by 30 so you know roughly how much your daily spending should be. When (not if) you go over that limit, you can balance things by spending the next one to three days less so you get back on track. You’ll be surprised how much this helps in the long run.”

2) Don’t try to save money. Instead, take a notepad and divide one page into three column…….

Transparency Market Research

Increase in popularity of home-cooked food as a result of trend toward nutritious eating is expected to drive the global non-stick cookware market

Wilmington, Delaware, United States, Jan. 10, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Transparency Market Research Inc. – The global non-stick cookware market was worth US$ 19.5 Bn in 2021 and is estimated to touch value of US$ 31.4 Bn by 2031. Market forecast projects industry growth at a CAGR of 5% during the forecast period, from 2022 to 2031. Cooking with non-stick cookware requires the least amount of oil possible…….

Shoreditch is sort of the Williamsburg of London, and Brat is the epitome of a great Shoreditch restaurant, effortlessly cool and seemingly uncomplicated, yet exceptional. Everything is cooked in an open kitchen over wood, and smoke permeates the spare, dimly lit dining room. The space pulses with warm energy, and the food is terrific: silken, intense crab soup; spicy beef tartare served with lettuce wraps; a venison chop full of flavor; rice served with roasted duck in a “personal wok,” the base crisp…….

The Punchdown, the popular Oakland natural wine bar, is expanding. Owners D.C. Looney and Lisa Costa are working on opening a second location in Sebastopol’s Barlow complex in March.

The new Punchdown will be one of the only spots in Sonoma County dedicated to natural wines specifically, though Sebastopol is slated to get another one soon, called the Redwood. Natural wine shop Miracle Plum, in Santa Rosa, recently closed.

Looney and Costa moved to Sebastopol from Oakland in early 2022 after having a baby. “It was inevitable that we were going to start a spot…….

The chief executive of BrewDog has paid out almost £500,000 from his own pocket to winners of a bungled “solid gold” beer can promotion which he has admitted made the controversial brewer look “dishonest and disingenuous”.

James Watt said he got so personally carried away with the Willy Wonka-inspired promotion, which hid 50 gold cans in cases of beer, that he made some “costly mistakes” that misled treasure hunters.

He said he mistakenly believed the cans were made of solid gold – they were in fact made mos…….

KALAMAZOO, MI — Winter Beer Olympics, unlimited mimosa brunches, brushes and brews painting parties, build-a-beer workshops and more — Kalamazoo Craft Beverage Week is almost here.

From Jan. 13-23, there are more than 60 events on tap for craft beer, wine and cocktail lovers as part of the annual celebration of craft beverages in the greater Kalamazoo area.

<p class="article__paragraph article__paragraph–left" i…….

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Few things galvanise the appetite quite like a pre-breakfast walk on a winter’s morning. Returning home, newspaper and loaf of bread in hand, it is then that the hob is lit, the coffee is on and the kitchen table becomes the best place in the world. If there are guests around, there will be something more than a bacon sandwich on our plates. Sometimes, there may be the plump little fish cakes I made this week. Crisp golden cushions of smoked fish and mashed potato, good for breakfast or supper, eaten with a jar of zappy pickles on the side.

It is usual to let any ca…….