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I’m an early 40′s Internet entrepreneur that launched several dot coms with varying success in each. At the very least my living has been made online for the past 18 years and at the most I had a fun time in each venture.I began seriously investing for dividend income around 2007 when my business at the time was literally falling off a cliff, as most of the world was starting too as well, when my need for another income stream became more apparent. I have always known the benefits of dividends from my v…….

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Renting out a home is a popular form of passive income because it doesn’t require a lot of time or energy and offers various tax breaks. But it can be risky when interest rates move higher.

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Many landlords rely on debt to fund their home purchases, the Wall Street Journal reported. That’s especially true at the sta…….

It’s been called the “new pink tide” in Latin America—a widespread rise to power of leftist leaders that has swept the region since 2018.

Like conservative dominoes falling in quick succession, it began with Mexico, and then Argentina followed suit. As did Bolivia, Peru, Honduras, Chile, Colombia, and Brazil.

But now a right-wing fire of rebellion is spreading.

The explosive protests and takeover of key government offices in Brazil’s capital on Jan. 8 by supporters of former President Jair Bolonaro put the world on edge.

Security forces arrest supporters …….

Fast-forward to today, and the Fed’s ongoing inflation fight has once again spurred a mortgage rate shock. This spike in mortgage rates, which are up from 3.22% to 6.48% over the past 12 months, has pushed the U.S. housing market into a full-blown housing correction.

On one hand, 6% mortgage rates are hardly historically abnormal. On the other hand, that 3.22-percentage-point jump in mortgage rates over the past year has delivered an affordability shock that’s similar to the one dealt in 1981 when mortgage rates climbed 4.9 percentage points to 18%.

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U.S. stock futures crawled higher ahead of the open Wednesday as Wall Street counted down to a crucial inflation reading and big bank earnings later this week.

Futures tied to the S&P 500 (^GSPC) rose 0.3%, while futures on the Dow Jones Industrial Average (^DJI) added 60 points, or 0.2%. Contracts on the technology-heavy Nasdaq Composite (^IXIC) also advanced by roughly 0.3%.

U.S. Treasury yields pared their move higher from the previous session, with the benchmark 10-year note falling below 3.6%. The U.S. dollar index also retreated.

Wells Fargo (WFC) was among compa…….

Tech stocks on display at the Nasdaq. 

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Here are the most important news items that investors need to start their trading day:

1. The Nasdaq is warming up

There are still plenty of data dumps and reports ahead that could put the chill on stocks. But for now, U.S. equities markets are doing just fine in the early days of 2023. The Nasdaq, especially, is generating some heat, posting three winning sessions in a row. The tech-heavy index is coming off a bad 2022, falling much more than the broader S&P 500 and the bl…….

As a long-time crypto skeptic, it may seem odd that I am helping organize a digital assets conference at Duke University on Jan. 20-21. After all, I once wrote a Wall Street Journal op-ed calling for a cryptocurrency ban. While I continue to believe that unbacked cryptocurrencies, like bitcoin, provide no economic utility and impose societal costs that vastly outweigh the benefits, I also recognize that the broader digital asset industry is not going away.


Jan 10 (Reuters) – Coinbase Global Inc (COIN.O) said on Tuesday it will cut about 950 jobs, or 20% of its workforce, as part of a restructuring plan that marks the third round of layoffs for the cryptocurrency exchange since last year.

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We’re thrilled to announce that Andreessen Horowitz is leading the seed investment in Seidr AB who are building the next generation of midcore cross-play games. Based in Stockholm, a hotbed of games innovation, Seidr’s founding team are Adam Schaub and Marcus Jacobs. This duo has more than 40 years of games experience combined as senior leaders at some of the world’s top gaming companies.

In getting to know them, we were impressed by Adam and Marcus’ deep experience building out high performing game teams and scaling games businesse…….

Every weekday the CNBC Investing Club with Jim Cramer holds a “Morning Meeting” livestream at 10:20 a.m. ET. Here’s a recap of Tuesday’s key moments. Reduce exposure to tech Watch for health care buying opportunity Eyeing an industrial play 1. Reduce exposure to tech Stocks inched up on Tuesday, with the Nasdaq Composite rising 0.22% in midmorning trading. The tech-heavy index has been on the upswing since Friday’s robust rally, which provides a chance to lighten up on stocks like Microsoft (MSFT) — a move we made on Monday . The tech sector continues to be overvalued in a market that doe…….