IT’S EASY TO SEE why Isaac Mizrahi’s Instagram feed is everyone’s favorite cooking show right now. The renowned fashion designer/actor/singer/producer’s videos, shot in his Bridgehampton, N.Y., and Manhattan kitchens, showcase his warm personality as well as his sporadic screw-ups. “This is exactly how cooking shows should be!” one commenter gushed. “They are always too perfect and intimidating!”

On any given “episode” of his highly entertaining one-man show, Mr. Mizrahi (@imisaacmizrahi) might welcome his “darlings” to cook along, or to pee…….

Wolfgang Puck is quite the grill master. In one of his TikTok videos, he revealed that he only sears room-temperature steak — never a frozen steak. After the steak is at room temperature, Puck recommends liberally seasoning both sides of the steak and adding a bit of oil on both sides. Then, he places the steak on a firewood and charcoal grill for optimal flavor and tastiness.

Puck’s aversion to grilling frozen steaks might be warranted. When you grill a frozen steak, you’ll get a deliciously crisp exterior, but the extreme temperature difference will cause the in…….

Despite a centuries-old culinary tradition of butter, cheese, cream, and meat, a trip to Paris can be filled with divine vegan food at every meal. The cultural emphasis on organic and seasonal ingredients combined with the country’s recent embrace of plant-based dining has made for truly outstanding vegan options throughout the city, from dedicated vegan boulangeries to white tablecloth fine-dining establishments. 

The evolution of vegan dining in Paris

The concept of vegetable-forward dishes is not entirely new in French cuisine. In fact, France has been a revolutionary…….

Just under 100 years ago, two men—one real estate agent and one chef—collaborated on a game-changing idea: cook hamburgers as quickly as possible, and sell them as cheaply as possible. Together, Edgar Waldo “Billy” Ingram and Walter Anderson opened the first White Castle restaurant in 1926, in Wichita, KS, and started selling square burgers for just five cents each. Back then, the pair couldn’t have imagined what their idea would pave the way for: a booming fast-food industry, that, in collective burger sales alone, made more than $92 billion in 2021.

Anderson’s first bu…….

French fries transcend fashion. Food trends come and go but chips persist as a source of comforting joy, something we all badly need this winter. For many, that will mean sun-gold chips doused in salt and vinegar, ketchup or mayo. But why stop there?

With budgets tight, loaded fries are currently enjoying a bounce as a relatively affordable, filling treat. Last year, Burger King introduced jazzed-up fries (topped with cheese sauce and/or bacon bits), as did several big-name pub chains. In that same period pub chip sales were up 15%, according to…….

CIRP highlights that Apple’s MacBooks are the primary driver of its computer business. MacBook Air and MacBook Pro make up roughly three-quarters of the company’s PC sales while the desktop models only account for 26%.

When it comes to what’s most popular between MacBook Air and MacBook Pro, you might guess it’s the more affordable Air. But as it turns out, MacBook Pro is the leader accounting for 54% of Apple’s laptop sales which also makes it the most popular Mac overall.

For desktop Macs, iMac…….

Image: MoMo Productions/Getty Images

Sometimes old habits, and old hardware, stick around for a lot longer than you might expect.

Take the keyboard and screen of the average laptop (just like the one I’m typing on now), which still mimic the layout of a far older piece of technology — the typewriter and the paper that emerges from it. 

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Certainly when display technologies were more basic there was a reason to stick to that basic format. But laptops don’t have the same mechanical limitations as typewriters, and advances in screen tec…….

Metaverse. Metaverse. Metaverse. 

It seems like half of the companies at CES this year were all glomming onto the buzzword that is Metaverse. And along with the metaverse, virtual reality was all the rage at CES this year too. There were countless prototypes for wearables that latch onto your face and immerse you into virtual worlds where you can see, feel, and in some cases even smell your cyber surroundings.

While the Metaverse was being presented as the next big thing in tech at CES, yet another virtual reality technology at the show seemed like the real revolutionary immers…….

Last spring, Anthony Tabarez celebrated prom like many of today’s high schoolers: dancing the night away and capturing it through photos and videos. The snapshots show Mr. Tabarez, 18, and his friends grinning, jumping around and waving their arms from a crowded dance floor.

But instead of using his smartphone, Mr. Tabarez documented prom night with an Olympus FE-230, a 7.1-megapixel, silver digital camera made in 2007 and previously owned by his mother. During his senior year of high school, cameras like it started appearing i…….