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In between all the holiday cooking and baking you’ve been doing, it’s easy to imagine how much easier prepping would be with that dream kitchen must-have. Well, you don’t have to put it on next year’s wish list, because there are thousands of deals on best-selling and popular kitchen products hidden within Amazon’s Outlet store. And the discounts are up to 70 percent off right now.  

While browsing through the secret store, you’ll fi…….

When considering health in the kitchen, we often think of the foods we eat, but what about cooking tools? Swapping your existing pots and pans with the best non-toxic cookware sets is considered an easy way to achieve a cleaner, healthier culinary space.

Pots and pans are kitchen items that often slip through the cracks of our health-conscious minds—and to our surprise, a lot of cookware contains toxins. These toxins, commonly known as PFOA, PFOS, and PTFE, are mostly found in the chemicals that repel oil in cookware, making it nonstick. Over time and with use, they can seep into th…….

December 30, 2021Jon Sofen

Phil Galfond has decided to close down Run it Once internationally. But he isn’t ready to end his run as the owner of an online poker site.

In fact, he’s now setting his sights on the United States market as he announced in a blog post. PokerNews reached out to the pot-limit Omaha legend to discuss the future of RIO and if any other sites could possibly compete with PokerStars and GGPoker. He isn’t ready to set a timeline on when RIO will enter the US.

“I’ve learned my lesson with timelines,” Galfond told PokerNews. “We’re juggling…….

If there’s one thing Southerners know, it’s that soft, pillowy, and served hot are the only imperatives of a good yeast bread recipe. Homemade bread, whether as a sandwich or Parker House roll, can elevate any meal from good to great. It starts with the way your entire house smells like a bakery, the warm scent of dough rising wafting through the kitchen. The smell only gets better as the bread bakes, and it’s nearly impossible to exercise a drop of self-control and prevent yourself from tearing into the loaf as soon as it comes out of the oven. Besides the standard rolls and sandwich bread…….

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Now through Jan. 2, Nordstrom shoppers can save up to 46 percent on items across all departments. While the retailer is undoubtedly known for its wide array of fashion offerings, it also has a solid selection of home goods, ranging from kitchen tools to cookware to unique decor. 

We scoured this often-underutilized area of the site to find 19 of the best home deals in Nordstrom’s sale. Looking for some cozy thr…….

Top line: “Unibet has revealed that it will be rolling out its new loyalty program across all markets on April 1, which will offer over 50% in rakeback to its highest volume players.”

Key takeaways:

The system is designed to give the operator flexibility in different markets.
The loyalty program equates to a minimum of 10% rakeback for any player that pays at least €5 in rake in a quarter.
It goes up to 51.1% — one of the best on offer in the industry — for those that can contribute almost €44,000 in rake in a quarter.
It will also unlock different levels of Game L…….

Chris Lohring has lived more than one brewing life over almost three decades of doing it professionally, and with Notch, he’s focused on the things that bring him the most joy—session-friendly lagers and ales designed to be consumed in a social setting. It’s no surprise, then, that the beers that have influenced this most recent turn of brewing passion are Czech and German in origin.

He’s been brewing since 1993, but for his Pick 6 he didn’t want to go too deep and choose beers that are no longer available, preferring to focus on beers that have been meaningful to him over…….

Bakers for over a decade have learned about how prebiotics and probiotics offer health benefits, especially for digestion. Now, they may be hearing about another term: postbiotics, which are heat-stable and thus will survive in baked foods.

Probiotics are live microorganisms that, when administered in adequate amounts, confer a health benefit, according to the International Scientific Association for Probiotics and Prebiotics (ISAPP). Prebiotics, which include fiber ingredients, serve as food for beneficial microbes/probiotics in the body. Research continues to gain insight on how pre…….

“With these changes, our office enters 2022 with new energy, complementing our team of experienced public servants.”

PHOENIX — Governor Doug Ducey today announced new members of his policy and communications teams.

“The 2022 legislative session is quickly approaching, and we have an ambitious agenda ahead of us,” said Governor Ducey. “Our policy and communications teams have been and will continue to be critical in achieving our goals. Our newest team members bring a wealth of know…….

MoonChip token brings the concept of gaming into the metaverse in VR. They are working towards getting poker to the moon. The team is determined to elevate the VR experience.

United States – December 30, 2021 —

MoonChip is a newly developed crypto platform working on new and innovative approaches. The world is transforming into a digitalization hub where everyone searches for safe cryptocurrency. MoonChip brings a crypto forum that offers premium services to its holders.

In a recent development, they are developing a concept for bringing gaming to the metavers…….