KN95 protective mask

This product is for daily use by ordinary people. It is used to effectively filter oily/salt particles with heavy air pollution. It is made of non-wove...

3layer flat Face Masks

This product is intended for daily use by ordinary people and is used for the protection of airborne respiratory infections. It is made of non-woven fa...


Zhejiang Bosiqi Cashmere Co., Ltd.

Zhejiang Bosiqi Cashmere Co., Ltd. as a leading Cashmere company in Jiaxing, take the mission when the Covid19 Pandemic happened, and successfully introduce the face mask equipment to produce both Particle Filtering Half Masks and 3layer flat Face Masks to contribute to the global demand for masks.
There two types of masks widely used during the Covid19 Pandemic, which are Particle Filtering Half Masks and 3-Layer Flat Face Masks. And there are domestic and international standards and regulations for these masks to ensure the effectiveness and quality. It is very important that the masks on the market are suitable for the intended use.


From February 2020, Zhejiang Bosiqi Cashmere Co., Ltd. started the preparation, and now we have 5 production lines to produce 3layer flat Face Masks for both adult and child type, with daily capacity 1 million pieces, and 6 production lines for Particle Filtering Half Masks with daily capacity 30,000 pieces.

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1.Facing the side of the mask without the nose clip, position the nose clip above the mask, hold the mask by hand to fix it on the face, and hold the m...